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Re: Pasting data into Octave within xterm

From: Thomas Shores
Subject: Re: Pasting data into Octave within xterm
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 09:23:40 -0500

Could this be an artifact of your interface, rather than Octave?  I'm using  
Octave 2.0.7 under Nextstep, and was able to paste in a data file for a  
vector of 10000 elements and had no problems.

Tom Shores

>Hi, Thanks for a great program!  Using Octave 2.0.14 compiled in Solaris
>5.6 / 5.7.  (Also, happens in OS/2 version.)

>A problem I have had, something I could do easily in Matlab, is quickly
>pasting data into a variable in Octave.  What I mean is this, if I copy a
>column of up to 100 numbers in the X-buffer (or clipboard) and then paste
>these numbers like:

>octave:1> A = [ 4.4017
>>   4.4210
>>   4.4401
>>   4.4591
>>   4.4779
>>   4.4966

>Then sometimes it takes the numbers into A, other times it only gets part
>of them.  It almost seems as if the program can accept too many numbers or
>that some kind of clipboard buffer fills.  This buffer is haphazard in
>which numbers it accepts--sometimes only the first half other times a bit
>of the beginning and a bit of the end, and yet occassionally it will get
>all of it.
>Any ideas?
>Thanks much.

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