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Pasting data into Octave within xterm

From: Dave Twede
Subject: Pasting data into Octave within xterm
Date: Thu, 05 Aug 1999 15:02:58 -0400

Hi, Thanks for a great program!  Using Octave 2.0.14 compiled in Solaris
5.6 / 5.7.  (Also, happens in OS/2 version.)

A problem I have had, something I could do easily in Matlab, is quickly
pasting data into a variable in Octave.  What I mean is this, if I copy a
column of up to 100 numbers in the X-buffer (or clipboard) and then paste
these numbers like:

octave:1> A = [ 4.4017
>   4.4210
>   4.4401
>   4.4591
>   4.4779
>   4.4966

Then sometimes it takes the numbers into A, other times it only gets part
of them.  It almost seems as if the program can accept too many numbers or
that some kind of clipboard buffer fills.  This buffer is haphazard in
which numbers it accepts--sometimes only the first half other times a bit
of the beginning and a bit of the end, and yet occassionally it will get
all of it.

Any ideas?  

Thanks much.

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