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Libtool'izing octave?

From: Mumit Khan
Subject: Libtool'izing octave?
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 00:16:59 -0500

(I haven't been following Octave dev snapshots, so apologies if this is
now a non-issue).

Any plans for libtoolizing Octave in the future? I've been starting to
think[1] about getting Octave to support --enable-shared on windows32, 
and the latest libtool (or rather from the CVS repo) will be very helpful.

The idea is to make loadable modules work better; currently the .oct 
files are multi-megabytes due to MS's design of DLLs, and unless we can 
build Octave and the rest as shared, it's unusable.


[1] Just "thinking", not doing anything yet due to lack of time, so please 
don't expect anything.

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