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Re: problems in installing octave-2.0.14

From: Yolanda Ordo~ez
Subject: Re: problems in installing octave-2.0.14
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 14:03:10 +0200

        Hi all,

        You'r right Thomas, I reinstall the make-3.76.1 and octave 

At least, octave compiles!!!!!

Thanks a lot for the help

> If I remember correctly about some notes from 'teTeX' the problem may
> be 'make-3.77' on some systems like Sun using SunOS or Solaris.  On
> these systems make-3.77 needs to be fixed or simply use 'make-3.76.1'.
> Hope this helps and it may be simpler than watching lots of messages
> from make.

I also check the logs from make, and the liboctave. It's never too 
late to learn some stuff, so thanks to Himanshu Gohel.

See ya!
          Hasta pronto!

Yolanda Ordo~ez    Informatica de Recerca i Docencia
                   Centre d'Informatica UB
address@hidden      Pavello Rosa (Recinte de la Maternitat)
                   Tel: 93.402.17.14

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