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linewidths and Re: gplot w l linestyle doesn't work

From: David Larom
Subject: linewidths and Re: gplot w l linestyle doesn't work
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 07:09:22 -0700


Thanks for the answer. I certainly appreciate the impossibility of
implementing every gnuplot feature, especially when creating and
maintaining Octave is a volunteer job and gnuplot is a moving target!

If anyone knows whether there is an older version of gnuplot for which the
octave linestyle call DOES work, I'd love to know about it. I use Octave
2.0.13 with gnuplot 3.7, patchlevel 0. 

Finally, is there another way to set linewidths within octave? I need to
make very fine lines and finely drawn symbols. For instance, I'd like to be
able to differentiate, for instance, a pointsize .25 solid triangle symbol
from an empty triangle. As it is now, at pointsize .25 you can definitely
tell a circle from a triangle but you can't tell filled from empty. Sounds
anal but I'm trying to fit enormous amounts of info on one page.

If worst comes to worst I'll write a Perl script to change the postscript
output file (blecch!).

Dave Larom

PS Looking forward to asking an INTERESTING Octave question someday.

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