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Re: IRIX octave 2.0.14 can't find runtime libs

From: Himanshu Gohel
Subject: Re: IRIX octave 2.0.14 can't find runtime libs
Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 11:05:51 -0400 (EDT)

-=>From: "John W. Eaton" <address@hidden>

-=>On 10-May-1999, Himanshu Gohel <address@hidden> wrote:
-=>| I compiled and installed v2.0.14 with the --enable-shared option.
-=>| When I try to run the octave binary, i get an error:
-=>| 330 Bezier[matlab] octave
-=>| 134477:octave: rld: Fatal Error: Cannot Successfully map soname 

-=>Hmm.  If you specify --enable-shared, Octave's configure script should
-=>attempt to use -rpath.  But I see that on SGI systems, it sets
-=>RLD_FLAG to be -L$(octlibdir).  If it should be something else, run
-=>the make command like this:
-=>  make RLD_FLAG='-Xlinker -rpath -Xlinker $(octlibdir)'

Yes, SGI uses -rpath instead of Solaris' linker which uses -R.
I see in the configure script that the Solaris link flags are
specified correctly.  However, there is a curve with this!

SGI has possibilities of "old 32-bit" (o32), "new 32-bit" (N32)
and 64-bit (not sure if it's 64 or N64).  By default in
IRIX 6.x binaries are compiled with the N32 architecture,
and the library path should be /usr/local/lib32 instead of
/usr/local/lib.  The run-time linker searches that path
automatically.  Since the Octave libs are in a subdirectory
the default path obviously will not find the libs, that's
why -rpath is all the more necessary.

OK, I yesterday's build was configured with

--enable-shared --enable-rpath

the build went OK (I see the same message about -rdynamic flag
that someone posted yeterday, but you said it was non-fatal; also
lots of messages about weak symbols).  Installed octave, and still
got the same error about run-time libs.  So what is the deal with
the --enable-rpath option.  Does it add -rpath to the link flags?

Today I'll try a rebuild with the make flag you suggested and see
if that solves the problem.  It took 4h 20m yesterday on the SGI O2
R10000 150MHz w/64MB RAM!!!

-=>Unfortunately, I have little time to spend working on that project.
-=>Any volunteers?

This stuff is beyond me at this time!

Himanshu Gohel, address@hidden
University of South Florida, Tampa, FL.  USA.

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