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Re: archive of optimisation routines

From: heberf
Subject: Re: archive of optimisation routines
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 13:02:58 -0500 (CDT)

These look pretty good to me.  Could someone who understands the GPL better 
I do take a look at this page and tell me if it's compatible with the GPL.  If 
someone needs to talk to Professor Ye then I'll nominate myself.  I may have a 
little pull given that we are both business school professors.

Heber Farnsworth

> I seem to recall that someone in the recent postings on the lack of
> optimisation code suggested contacting Yinyu Ye, of the University of
> Iowa, College of Business Administration. I would also advocate that those
> people who are interested in (and capable of) integrating GPL optimisation
> code into Octave contact Y.Ye 
> I noticed that the Website for the Computational Optimisation Laboratory
> of which he is the Director,
> contains freely distributatble source for LP, LCP, QP and SemiDefinite
> Programming, either in Fortran or in C.
> There are also Matlab routines at the site, for solving Linear Programs,
> (constrained and unconstrained), Quadratic Programs, and NonLinear
> Programs, by Sequential QP. These seem to work fine under Octave. Anyone
> interested in finding a quick fix for Octave's optimisation incapacities
> could start with this (freely-distributable??) archive of M-files.
> David Dowey

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