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loading ascii data

From: Wolfgang Koller
Subject: loading ascii data
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 18:10:04 CET (+0100)


I have problems with loading a large ascii-file. The octave error 
message does not indicate to me what is wrong:

  ' found in file `/home/koller/Daten/IFG/Panel.ocd'
  error: evaluating index expression near line 3, column 1

However, when I cut only the first 10 data rows of the file (and 
adapt the header accordingly) everything goes well. So I conclude 
the failure must be hidden somewhere in the next thousand lines...

Can someone give me a hint what I should look for?

Thanks in advance,

Wolfgang Koller

Wolfgang Koller
Research Assistant
Research Institute for European Affairs
Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration

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