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Re: gnuplot problem

From: Daniel Heiserer
Subject: Re: gnuplot problem
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 1999 09:26:07 +0100

Jason Curry wrote:
> I'm a newbie to Octave, but I was unable to find information about this
> problem in the archives.
> Whenever I use the plot command in an m-file, gnuplot will display the
> correct plot for an instant and then immediately close.  I can only catch
> a glimpse of what was plotted.  I'm familiar with the "hold on" command
> but this doesn't do anything to keep gnuplot open.
> Here is the gnuplot info:
> G N U P L O T
> Linux version 3.5 (pre 3.6)
> patchlevel beta 347
> last modified Mon Jun 22 13:22:33 BST 1998
> gnuplot recognizes terminal type 'x11' and I'm using Octave 2.0.13 compiled
> from source with no noticeable problems.  I'm using the KDE desktop if
> this is relevant.

The KDE is not the problem. I use it too and I have no problems.
What does gnuplot if you use it outside of octave?
Still close the plot after you plotted or does it keep it?

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