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RE: To parametrize a file location

From: Van den Eynde Gert
Subject: RE: To parametrize a file location
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 10:19:48 +0100

> Hi !
> I would like to parametrize where I could store a plot with Octave.
> I tried something like this after having ploted what I want on the
> screen but it does not work.
>       gset term postscript eps color
>       cmdoutput = 
> sprintf("/home/lorient/ffa/ase/Mach_%.2f/OL.eps",Mach);
>       gset output eval(cmdoutput)
>       replot


I wrote an mfile that creates an mfile and executes it next... Like

%Suppose that FNAME_NOEXT is a string that contains the filename of
%the data file. For example 'dat1'
%The code below creates an mfile 'dat1plotdp.m' containing all
%commands for Gnuplot.

fid = fopen([FNAME_NOEXT,'plotdp.m'],'w');

fprintf(fid,'function [] = %splotdp(DP)\n',FNAME_NOEXT);
fprintf(fid,'gset term postscript eps monochrome\n');
fprintf(fid,'gset output ''%s_DP.eps''\n',FNAME_NOEXT);
fprintf(fid,'gset autoscale\n');
fprintf(fid,'gset yrange [-1.5:1.5]\n');
fprintf(fid,'gset title ''DP''\n');
fprintf(fid,'gset xlabel ''Time (s)'' \n');  
fprintf(fid,'gset ylabel ''Error (%%)'' \n');  
fprintf(fid,'gset nokey\n');
fprintf(fid,'time = length(DP)/2;\n');
fprintf(fid,'tt = 0:0.5:time;\n');
fprintf(fid,'n = min(length(tt),length(DP));\n');
fprintf(fid,'plot(tt(1:n),DP(1:n)) \n');
fprintf(fid,'gset output\n');


%And now we execute the mfile we created....


Maybe there is a more elegant method (after running you got
lots of 'plot'-mfiles) but this worked for me...

Have a nice day,

Gert Van den Eynde

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