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To parametrize a file location

From: Daniel Tourde
Subject: To parametrize a file location
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 10:01:47 +0100

Hi !

I would like to parametrize where I could store a plot with Octave.
I tried something like this after having ploted what I want on the
screen but it does not work.

        gset term postscript eps color
        cmdoutput = sprintf("/home/lorient/ffa/ase/Mach_%.2f/OL.eps",Mach);
        gset output eval(cmdoutput)

Does anyone has an idea ?

Thanks in advance


PS : BTW I am under the impression that the length of the string to
determine where a .eps file will be stored is limited. Is it true ? Is
there a way to increase the length of the string considered ?
Daniel TOURDE                                   E-mail : address@hidden
The Aeronautical Research Institute of Sweden   Tel : +46 8 55 54 93 44
P.O. Box 11021 S-161 11 BROMMA, Sweden          Fax : +46 8    25 34 81

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