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info for octave

From: Alon Shmueli
Subject: info for octave
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 13:44:46 +0200 (IST)

I've downloaded octave for Linux but I have problems with
getting help on a topic (help -i <topic>).
Do u know where I can find a compatible version of info
that recognizes the flag '--index-search'

here are my specifications & a log of my problem:

My Linux version:
        Linux Pro 4.0, enhanced Red Hat Linux 3.0.3
running 'octave --version':
        Octave, version 2.0.13 (i586-pc-linux-gnulibc1)
running 'info --version':
        GNU Info, Version 2.14-p1, from texinfo-3.7.    
running  'help -i <topic>' I get:
        info: unrecognized option `--index-search'
        Usage: info [-d dir-path] [-f info-file] [-o output-file] [-n 
                    [--directory dir-path] [--file info-file] [--node 
                    [--help] [--output output-file] [--subnodes] [--version]
                    [--dribble dribble-file] [--restore from-file]
                    [menu-selection ...]
        error: help: unable to find info!
        error: evaluating index expression near line 2, column 1


            -- Alon Shmueli

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