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Re: Octave + Cygwin + Emacs + NT

From: aarre
Subject: Re: Octave + Cygwin + Emacs + NT
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 14:58:43 -0800

M-x octave just gives me a list of possible completions, viz:

Click mouse-2 on a completion to select it.
In this buffer, type RET to select the completion near point.

Possible completions are:
octave-abbrev-start         octave-backward-block
octave-backward-up-block    octave-beginning-of-defun
octave-beginning-of-line    octave-blink-matching-block-open
octave-close-block          octave-comment-region
octave-complete-symbol           octave-describe-major-mode
octave-down-block           octave-electric-semi
octave-electric-space            octave-end-of-defun
octave-end-of-line          octave-eval-print-last-sexp
octave-fill-paragraph            octave-forward-block
octave-help                 octave-hide-process-buffer
octave-in-comment-p         octave-in-string-p
octave-indent-defun         octave-indent-for-comment
octave-indent-line          octave-indent-new-comment-line
octave-insert-defun         octave-kill-process
octave-mark-block           octave-mark-defun
octave-mode                 octave-next-code-line
octave-previous-code-line        octave-reindent-then-newline-and-indent
octave-send-block           octave-send-defun
octave-send-line            octave-send-region
octave-show-process-buffer       octave-submit-bug-report
octave-uncomment-region          octave-up-block

Gary Church <address@hidden> on 02/10/99 02:53:20 PM

Please respond to Gary Church <address@hidden>

 To:      aarre                                               
 Subject: Re: Octave + Cygwin + Emacs + NT                    

** Reply to message from Aarre Laakso <address@hidden>
on Wed, 10 Feb 1999 14:22:36 -0800

Try just M-x octave.


> Hi --
> I would like to be able to use Octave from within GNU Emacs.
> (inferior-octave-mode). I am running Windows NT. I have Cygwin
> beta 20.1 installed according to the instructions and running
> properly. I also have emacs installed according to the NT emacs
> FAQ (including the cygwin compatibility stuff in the .emacs
> and also running properly. Octave runs properly from within
> the cygwin shell. My octave executable is in my NT path, my
> bash path, and my emacs exec-path. However, whenever I
> attempt M-x run-octave from within emacs, I get the message:
>     Spawning child process: invalid argument
> I have searched these archives as well as the emacs newsgroups,
> but have been unable to find anything that solved my problem.
> Can anybody help?

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