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Octave + Cygwin + Emacs + NT

From: Aarre Laakso
Subject: Octave + Cygwin + Emacs + NT
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 14:22:36 -0800

Hi --

I would like to be able to use Octave from within GNU Emacs.
(inferior-octave-mode). I am running Windows NT. I have Cygwin
beta 20.1 installed according to the instructions and running
properly. I also have emacs installed according to the NT emacs
FAQ (including the cygwin compatibility stuff in the .emacs file)
and also running properly. Octave runs properly from within
the cygwin shell. My octave executable is in my NT path, my
bash path, and my emacs exec-path. However, whenever I
attempt M-x run-octave from within emacs, I get the message:
    Spawning child process: invalid argument
I have searched these archives as well as the emacs newsgroups,
but have been unable to find anything that solved my problem.

Can anybody help?


Aarre Laakso

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