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Problem with source() ?

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Problem with source() ?
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 11:06:39 -0600 (CST)

On 18-Nov-1998, Daniel Friedman <address@hidden> wrote:

| While my original question hasn't yet been answered,

What hasn't been answered?  If by original question you mean

  Without adding the 'bar' directory to LOADPATH, since I need the bar
  directory only once, is there a way to specify to octave where to
  look for mstuff.m just one time?

Then I think the answer is to use source().  If the file may be in any
one of a number of directories (but none are listed in your LOADPATH)
and you just want to source the first one that is found, then
something like

  source (file_in_path (FILE))

should do it.  If file is called "foo.m", you have to say that.  Just
using "foo" won't work, because source() doesn't append ".m".

| let's first clear
| up the problem I notice now with the patch applied--namely, the source
| command doesn't appear to work for me:
| shell-prompt> cat ./scr1.m
| eight = 8;
| shell-prompt> octave
| Octave, version 2.0.13 (i686-pc-linux-gnulibc1).
| Copyright (C) 1996, 1997, 1998 John W. Eaton.
| This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
| For details, type `warranty'.
|   octave:1> source("scr1")
|   error: source: error sourcing file `scr1'
|   error: evaluating index expression near line 1, column 1
|   octave:1> source("./scr1")
|   error: source: error sourcing file `./scr1'
|   error: evaluating index expression near line 1, column 1

If you don't have a file called "./src1", then that looks right so

|   octave:1> source("./scr1.m")
|   octave:2> scr1
|   octave:3> eight
|   eight = 8
|   octave:4> quit
| It appears the source command just doesn't work at all for me.  Maybe it
| never worked, just now I have the error message.  So what's wrong?

It's not clear to me that the source command failed.  To be sure, you
need to check to see if the variable `eight' exists after the call to
source, I think.


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