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"print" in multiplot mode (was Re: PostScript print function)

From: jsg
Subject: "print" in multiplot mode (was Re: PostScript print function)
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 10:47:15 -0400

   In message <address@hidden>, you write:
| John Logsdon wrote:


| > 
| > 
| > function [_plotname]=printplot(filename,sl)
| In my print-function I simply use
|   gset out "| lpr"
| for sending the output to the printer.
| -> no temp file and no sleeping neccessary.

What about in multiplot mode... is there a way to generate a
postscript file of a multiplot mode graph once it has been displayed
on the screen?


========== cut here =================
octave:25> multiplot(1,2)
octave:26> subplot(211)
octave:27> plot([1 5;2 4],'-')
octave:28> gset out "| lpr"     %same error for "gset term postscript" too
gnuplot> set out "| lpr"        
         line 0: you can't change the output in multiplot mode
========== cut here =================


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