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Re: PostScript print function

From: Andreas Kratzert
Subject: Re: PostScript print function
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 16:08:46 +0200

John Logsdon wrote:
> Just a point to add that if the plot is  very large, you cannot remove the
> file at the end of the script since it is still be piped to.  (Please
> excuse the preposition at the end).
> On my (by now) slow 486/100 and 586/133, which have done a mountain of
> Octaving in the last year, I use the function below that also prompts for
> a filename if it is not given (hence enabling you to store the files for
> LaTeX etc work later).
> I have therefore added an optional sleep to enable the process to be
> completed and also to enable the preparation of postscript files alone
> since there are times when I don't want to occupy my printer either!
> No doubt there are more elegant ways of skinning this cat ...
> John
> Centre for Applied Statistics
> Lancaster University
> function [_plotname]=printplot(filename,sl)
In my print-function I simply use

  gset out "| lpr"

for sending the output to the printer.
-> no temp file and no sleeping neccessary.

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