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Re: Automatic wrapper generation; PGPLOT

From: Michael Martins
Subject: Re: Automatic wrapper generation; PGPLOT
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 19:06:14 +0200 (MET DST)

On 14 Oct 1997, Gary Holt wrote:

Hello world

First I want to say that this library is an excellent idea for a plotting
library for octave!

> To solve this problem, I wrote a wrapper generator called "matwrap" for
> octave and matlab.  You simply give it a .h file describing your C++
> classes and functions, and it writes all of the code necessary to call
> any global functions or public member functions from Matlab or octave.
> You don't have to know anything about the internals of matlab or octave
> to use it.  The distribution is available from
> As an example of its use, I wrapped the entire pgplot plotting library
> for octave.  If you just want to call pgplot from octave but you don't
> care about generating wrappers for other functions, you can pick up the
> pgplot wrapper from the URL above.

I have tried to use this very interesting and nice idea on an ALPHA
machine with OSF4.0 without success. I can create the .oct file with
mkoctfile but octave terminates with a "segmentation fault" on the first
pg Command (pgpage) from the demo. Also other pg commands don't work.

Has someone success with the pg-library and octave ?


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