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Info reader & structures

From: Paul
Subject: Info reader & structures
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 00:18:06 -0500

Hello, I have two questions relating to Octave:

1) I have been unsuccessful getting emacs to be used as the info
reader.  I have downloaded gnuserv, and I have set INFO_READER =
'info-emacs-info' in my ~/.octaverc file.  I have also set the necessary
lines in my ~/.emacs file.  However, when I do that and type help -i, I
get the following message:

sh: info-emacs-info: command not found

Is there anything I have overlooked?

2) When a structure exists, is there a way to just see the element names
of the structure (as opposed to the data as well). For example, if I
have a structure x, with elements a, b, & c, I would like to simply type
x and just get a b c, not the values of a, b & c.  Is there a way to do

Thanks for any responses,


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