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debug mode

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: debug mode
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 1997 09:32:01 -0600

On 28-Feb-1997, Jim Van Zandt <address@hidden> wrote:

| Is there any prospect for a debug mode in Octave?  I'd like something
| that would let me single step through a script, with an indication of
| where I am in the source code.  An emacs debug mode would be great.

Given Octave's current parse tree based interpreter, it might be a
little bit tricky.  I have some ideas about converting the parse tree
to a byte-code stack for improving performance, and I think that would
also make debugging a bit easier.  But again, it takes considerably
longer to implement these ideas than it does to come up with them, so
I don't have any idea when (or if) I will get a chance to actually
work on this project.

| (I believe Octave would have to support single-stepping before an
| emacs debug mode could be written.)

It would probably make things a bit easier.  :-)


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