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Re: debug mode

From: Kurt Hornik
Subject: Re: debug mode
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 1997 11:33:17 +0100

>>>>> Jim Van Zandt writes:

> Is there any prospect for a debug mode in Octave?  I'd like something
> that would let me single step through a script, with an indication of
> where I am in the source code.  An emacs debug mode would be great.
> (I believe Octave would have to support single-stepping before an
> emacs debug mode could be written.)


I don't know about JWE's plans for adding a debug/undebug/traceback etc

Meanwhile, you could use my Emacs octave-mode's functionality for that.
If you visit a file containing code in Octave mode, you can send pieces
of code to an inferior Octave process by using the functions

        octave-send-line        (current line)          C-c i l
        octave-send-block       (current block)         C-c i b
        octave-send-defun       (current function)      C-c i f
        octave-send-region      (current region)        C-c i r


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