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Re: Output from Gnuplot to xfig

From: Dutt, Vinayak, Ph.D.
Subject: Re: Output from Gnuplot to xfig
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 1997 13:47:02 -0600

Mario wrote:
#Regarding my  previous posting about  outputing from Octave/Gnuplot to
#xfig, thanks for all the answers. I downloaded the Gnuplot sources and
#tried to compile with no success (I guessI  tried not hard enough ;-).
#Then   I realized  that  Gnuplot  supports  output to  another drawing
#program called Tgif. I installed it (very  easy. indeed!!) and am very
#happy with it. It allows me to edit Octave output and create very nice

hmm. thats interesting. i did not have any problems in compiling gnuplot
with xfig driver. in my experience, gnuplot has one of the most painless 
installation of freely distributed software. i have made fig plots as a test
of the driver and it seems to work well. its just that i have never made
fig plots for my academic/research use as of yet. but as far as i can tell,
the driver seems to be just fine.

#Has someone else experience with xfig, Tgif or another drawing editor?

i use xfig routinely. and i find it a real useful tool for my work.

Vinayak Dutt

Ultrasound/Radiology Research
Mayo Clinic
Rochester MN 55905
E-Mail: address@hidden

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