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Re: horizontal error plot

From: Dutt, Vinayak, Ph.D.
Subject: Re: horizontal error plot
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 08:01:19 -0500

Michael wrote to me:
# Vinayak wrote:
#)>check out the data style options for gnuplot. you can set xerrorbars,
#)>yerrorbars and xyerrorbars. these are available in gnuplot 3.6beta. i don't
#)>know if they are available in version 3.5.
#Thank you for yoyr help, I've retrieved and installed the beta version 3.6 of 
gnuplot in /usr/local/bin.
#Effectively it's great, it allows xerrorbar,.
#But,  when I try to use this feature of gnuplot with Octave by
#gplot x using 1:2:3 w xerrorbar
#Octave make an error, saying  "parse error" on xerrorbar, 
#Is there a patch to allow octave to work with the beta version of gnuplot ?

Currently, octave's parser for gplot command does not know of these style
options. but you can get around these using the set command:

octave> set data style xerrorbars
octave> gplot x using 1:2:3

hope this helps.

Vinayak Dutt

Ultrasound Research
Mayo Clinic
Rochester MN 55905
E-Mail: address@hidden

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