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Re: diary & nargin

From: Mike Craymer
Subject: Re: diary & nargin
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 1996 16:28:17 -0500

>Mike Craymer <address@hidden> wrote:
>: 1. How do I get the diary command to copy output of my function? My
>: output is generated by many disp commands? I doesn't seem to work
>: for me.
>: 2. How can I test for zero input arguments in a function. nargin
>: apparently gives 1 for both zero and one argument.

At 1:05 AM 2/5/96, John W. Eaton wrote:
>Both of these things seem to work correctly for me with 1.1.1.  What
>version are you using?  If it is 1.1.1, please submit a complete bug
>report to address@hidden

Whoops, I forgot to say I'm using "version = 1.1.0" on "computer =
hppa1.1-hp-hpux9.01". Did I say 1.1.0 ?  Stupid me, I forgot I was still
using the old version! Sorry about that. I've asked our systems guy to
install the new one right away.

I also apologize for not using a formal bug report. I was assuming that I
did something wrong or misunderstood normal octave behaviour. In future
I'll try to remember to use Octave's bug_report command. I'll also try to
remember to check the bug reports on the octave web site -- in this case
the 1995 archives contained two reports (#26,29) on the nargin problem.

Thanks for the great support!

Mike Craymer
Geodetic Survey of Canada

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