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Re: Does Octave contain Fast-Fourier Transforms built in?

From: John Utz
Subject: Re: Does Octave contain Fast-Fourier Transforms built in?
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 1996 15:33:11 -0800 (PST)


On Mon, 5 Feb 1996, Jason Quinn wrote:

> I would like to know if Octave contains built in Fast-Fourier Transform
> functions and Power Spectral Density routines.

yup on the FFT, u could easily write the PSD using xcorr and fft, i think.

what it is really lacking in is all the yummy filter routines from the 
sig proc toolbox. There are a couple of filter routines at the octave 
repository at U 0f Vigo, a yule walker and a kaiser, and an fir, i think. 
A group at auburn, i think, just released a really bitchin' controls tool 
box, replete with ss2tf tf2pz, etc. 

        Basically, if u just want to design some stuff, u can do a pretty 
good job, but if u are in an undergrad program and somebody wants u to 
hand in something with a cherbyshev or a butter ala matlab' u are out of 
>               Jason.

 John Utz       address@hidden
        idiocy is the impulse function in the convolution of life

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