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cd in octave and gnuplot

From: Rolf Schirmacher
Subject: cd in octave and gnuplot
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 1995 17:27:20 +0200

Hello everybody,

we encounter a little "problem" when changing the path in octave.
Using the cd command changes the path in octave but DOES NOT do so for
the gnuplot plotting process. As a result, the data are read and
written from an to the changed location but plots are still written to
the startup location of the gunplot process. 

Is there any way to tell the new path to the gnuplot process so that
the plot output is written to the appropiate directory? Is there
perhaps a chance to get a consistent behavior in future versions of

Thanks for any help,


Rolf Schirmacher                        Tel.    +49 551 39 7733
III. Physikalisches Institut            e-mail  address@hidden
Universit"at G"ottingen                         address@hidden
B"urgerstra"se 42 - 44                          address@hidden
D - 37073 G"ottingen

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