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`conv' doesn't seem to work

From: Billy Chow
Subject: `conv' doesn't seem to work
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 95 16:10:22 BST


Just got Octave 1.1.1 running on my 8M 486-33 Linux box (kernel
1.2.8).  I have followed the FAQ and add a few lines in .octaverc for
better Matlab compatibility.  However, `conv' doesn't seem to work.  I
typed `conv(1,1)' and it gave an error about parsing or something
(sorry, I can't remember.  I don't have Octave on the machine that I
ued for writing e-mail).

Any idea why this simple function doesn't work?  Also, I usually use
the `keyboard' command or just print out the values of variables in
Matlab for debugging.  What's the standard way to debug in Octave?



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