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Octave installation help

From: Clinton Chan
Subject: Octave installation help
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 95 11:18:03 PDT

I just installed the binary for octave on an HP 735.  The program runs but I
have a few questions:

1.  I know I have to get gnuplot to have graphical output.  But how does 
    octave know I have gnuplot? (I don't have it yet)
2.  The command "set term" does not display a list of terminals as stated in
    the manual (Is it because I don't have gnuplot?)
3.  I installed octave under my home directory instead of "/usr/local" Typing
    "help" generates a "broken pipe" error message.  Typing "help -i" works
    but I really would like to get "help" working since I am unfamilliar with
    Info.  Is it because octave is not installed under "/usr/local" that the
    "help" command is not working?
4.  How do I get a hardwopy of the manual?

Thanks for reading...any useful advice would be appreciated!

Clinton Chan


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