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From: Eyal Doron
Subject: Suggestions
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 1995 15:06:56 +0100 (MET DST)

   Here are some suggestions for the future:

1) Make OCTAVE complain if there is not enough disk space to save a
   file. I tried it, and it doesn't (Alpha OSF/1 3.0, saving in mat-binary
2) It would be nice if Octave could save its workspace before crashing.
3) It it possible to open more than one instance of Gnuplot? I don't
   a-priori see why not. One could then have a "figure" command, similar
   to the one in Matlab, which determines where the next plot will go.
   This would be really convenient.
4) One can use TAB to expand the name of a function on the command line.
   However, it is then followed by a space, which I usually have to
   backspace over since when I write the name of a function it is usually
   followed by arguments in parentheses. Is it possible to change that


1) Is it possible to set defaults for Gnuplot? Things like colors and
   line styles.

2) Gnuplot sometimes freezes, and requires an explicit  "clearplot" before
   displaying the next graph. Any way around it?


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