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Re: Reading ASCII data of unknown length

From: John Eaton
Subject: Re: Reading ASCII data of unknown length
Date: Wed, 07 Jun 95 00:09:14 EDT

Tim Kerwin <address@hidden> wrote:

: I'm a new octave user with a problem which I hope someone has
: already solved: I need to read data (ASCII floating point numbers)
: from a file specified by the user.  The trouble is that I don't know
: the length of the input file, so I have to fscanf(...) until EOF,
: which generates an error message which may alarm users.

The project file already includes an entry for adding the capability
of reading files that contain columns of numbers without any header
information, so it will probably eventually be implemented (it may
happen faster if someone else actually does the work, though :-).

I believe that it is a bug that you can't avoid the error message with
fscanf().  I'll see about fixing that (and other similar problems with
the C-style I/O functions) for the next release.



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