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Re: Combining images and plots

From: Kaj Wiik
Subject: Re: Combining images and plots
Date: Wed, 3 May 1995 10:57:35 +0300 (EET DST)

Ted Harding writes:
> A while ago, there was some exchange (initiated by Kaj Wiik) about
> attaching the PGPLOT library to octave, but I haven't heard that anything
> came of it. Something like this is probably the major improvement
The problem with PGPLOT is that it is not under GPL (it is copyrighted 
by Caltech if I remember correctly), so there are problems with integrating 
it to octave. Another package called PLPLOT (which is something like 
a PGPLOT clone) is under GPL and also has Tk/Tcl support and sounds very 
promising in that respect. 

However as PGPLOT is nearly a standard in the (radio)astronomical
community I would prefer it. I have examined ways to run pgperl (perl
linked with PGPLOT library) through named pipes without altering octave
itself and much work is still to be done.... Well, I'm not very fond of
perl, I think Tcl would be more useful for this purpose... 

Kaj Wiik

PS. I use octave nearly every day in my research and speed has never been a 
problem (well, file I/O could be faster :) :) :)) for me.. Good work!

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