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Re: octave : install fails

From: John Eaton
Subject: Re: octave : install fails
Date: Tue, 02 May 95 10:10:42 EDT

address@hidden (Johan Patyn) wrote:

: I recently downloaded the octave-1.1.1 version (binary for an AXP/OSF-1
: station).
: After running the procedure with prefix
: /home3/users/jefcor/OCTAVE, all directories are installed,
: but I cannot access any m-file, or 'man'info, because octave=20
: doens't find the specified path (~/octavrc neither /OKTAAF/lib/octave/
: 1.1.1/m/startup/octaverc), or, the path is not correctly specified
: (LOADPATH :/home3/users/jefcor/OKTAAF/bin:home3/users/jefcor/OKTAAF/info:
: .....:home3/users/jefcor/OKTAAF/man:. )
: Do you have any idea why octave isn't behaving correctly ?

I suspect a file permissions problem, or a problem with your LOADPATH.
Try running `octave --norc' and see if it still cannot find any M-files.

The script is careful to try to create the directories
and files with the correct permission bits set, but it is still
possible that something caused it to fail.  If so, can you try to find
out what failed, and submit a full bug report to



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