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Re: user functions

From: John Eaton
Subject: Re: user functions
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 95 17:40:47 EDT

David E Wright <address@hidden> wrote:

:       If I edit an m-file AFTER I've already called it, then call it 
: again AFTER the edit, Octave is'nt seeing the changes I've made.  How can 
: I force a reload of the m-file?

This works correctly for me.

Octave recompiles functions from M-files if the timestamp on the
M-file is more recent than the last time the function was compiled.

This will fail to work if you are running Octave on one system but
your M-file is stored on another and the system clocks are not
synchronized.  If this is not the problem, please try to find out what
is happening and send a full bug report to address@hidden



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