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Multiplot or multiple windows?

From: Joao Cardoso
Subject: Multiplot or multiple windows?
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 1995 03:23:00 +0200


I tried multiplot, but after aplying it I could't run some of the
demos in the demo directory (I remember the surface2 demo).

Although multiplot is very usefull, mainly for publications preparation,
I would be satisfied if I could use several window simultaneously,  e.g.

p1=figure()     would create a new gnuplot window/process and all
                graphics output would go to there.
p2=figure()     idem
figure(p1)      reverted to the first window, keeping the other window

This is usefull for comparing different processing strategies without the need
to print graphics.

I have been watching the sources and doing it does not seem to difficult to do,
but I don't dare to change them (I have refusing myself from learning C++).

This is an indirect sugestion jwe :)


Joao Cardoso
INESC (Inst. Eng. Syst. and Comp.)
R. Jose Falcao 110
4000 PORTO

e-mail: address@hidden
tel:    + 351 2 2094300
fax:    + 351 2 2008487 

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