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Re: problems compiling 1.1.1 under hpux9.03

From: John Eaton
Subject: Re: problems compiling 1.1.1 under hpux9.03
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 95 11:06:55 CST

address@hidden wrote:

: I'm having troubles getting octave 1.1.1 to compile on our HP 7xx
: running hpux9.03. I go through the same motions that normally 
: work on sparcs and the decstation but the build seems to get stuck
: during the liboctave part. In particular it keeps making the .d files 
: from the .cc files over and over and over.

Check the system clock.  Is the date set correctly?  You said it was
not on a network, so it may be that it is way off, and even though you
are creating the .d files, they are still out of date.


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