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Re: Dynamically Linked Functions

From: John Eaton
Subject: Re: Dynamically Linked Functions
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 95 11:02:16 CST

Bengt Martensson <address@hidden> wrote:

: Here must be some misunderstanding. At least on Sun, gcc (or, if you
: so prefer, g++) supports position independent code since, if I recall
: it correctly, 2.0.0. Position independent code is supported only on
: some machines, but at least Sun (SunOS4 as well as Solaris2) and SGI
: (Irix 5.x) belong to these. However, the Gnu assembler, gas, doesn't
: work with position independent code, so you have to use the system's
: native assembler (which is how gcc is installed by default).

My understanding was based on the fact that it is apparently necessary
to patch gcc to build a shared libg++.  In any case, after looking at
it for a bit I have been able to make simple programs work using
dlopen() on a SPARCstation and shl_load() on an HP.  There was a
problem with resolving a reference to cerr on the HP.  I'm not sure
how to solve it, but maybe it won't matter once 2.7.x is out.



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