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Re: Plotting...

From: Tony Roberts
Subject: Re: Plotting...
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 95 09:16:02 EST

> are fixes to gnuplot. The two tools could be improved independently. Also one 
> is not
> just limited to gnuplot, any tool which does the job could be used. All 
> graphics tools
> have pluses and minuses, and so it would be certainly beneficial to have 
> ability to
> pick the graphics tool according to the requirments.

I generally support this principle.  For example, I like using xgraph
to prepare 2D plots (so I wrote a plotting function xgraph.m to prepare
a datafile and then pass it to xgraph).  On my travels I have found it
easier to take xgraph around "with" me, rather than to hassle system
administrators to install gnuplot properly.
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