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Re: Status of DOS-OS/2 version of Octave?

From: Guido Dietz
Subject: Re: Status of DOS-OS/2 version of Octave?
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 1995 09:10:22 +0100

You asked:

# Has anyone heard how the Dos-OS/2 port of Octave is coming along?

I remembered a (very old) mail from Dec 94 about some Spanish guys
working on that subject:

> Date: Mon, 19 Dec 94 20:45:07 GMT
> From: address@hidden (Trabajos con Octave)
> We are working with Octave over MS-DOS.
> Now we have an executable file that is only has a part of the Octave 
> functions.
> Our purpose is to change Octave internaly because we want
> some functions as a 'fft' to be executed in a DSP (but only if it is 
> ventajous).
> We need some information to do this:
> What can be the best moment in Octave to put our functions?
>    (the functions to decide if the 'fft' runs normaly or
>     is better that the DSP do it. We need a point where the arguments
>     of the function be known, not other function)
> What data types are used in Octave?
>     (we need know the integer and floating-point formats for the compatibility
>      with the DSP)
> Thank you.
>       Chus and Raul.

I don't know anything about their state of arts, but you could
ask them...


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