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Octave graphics and Octave in teaching laboratories

From: Mike Reid
Subject: Octave graphics and Octave in teaching laboratories
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 1994 15:46:14 +1300

Sorry to jump in with some possibly uniformed questions about Octave.

We (in Physics) and our Math colleagues are seriously considering using
Octave next year in (at least lower-level) teaching labs, in order to
not have to expand our Matlab license.

I wondered if anyone out there had any thoughts to share on this

The sorts of calculations I'm demonstrating don't make much use of
built-in Matlab functions, and of course the basic language constructs
are the same, so I have little difficulty with most parts of my

The big difference is the plotting. For the most part I don't see it as
too much of a problem --- both Matlab and Octave tend to require some
slightly confusing incantations to get the pictures :-)

However, in the release that I currently have availiable to me (0.79
--- we are installing 1.0 RSN...) there appears to be no way of
displaying two pictures at the same time. e.g. a function + fourier
transform. Is there this capability in 1.0, or upcoming versions?  In
Matlab I have been doing this with subplot. I know that sort of thing
is not supported by Gnuplot, but I'd be happy enough if I could just
have several graphics windows instead, presumably with multiple copies
of Gnuplot (?!).

Dr. Michael F. Reid,  address@hidden
Physics and Astronomy, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. 
Phone: + 64 3 364 2548  Fax: + 64 3 364 2469

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