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Re: sinc & compiled octave

From: John Utz
Subject: Re: sinc & compiled octave
Date: Wed, 11 May 1994 13:13:11 -0700 (PDT)

On Wed, 11 May 1994, Ted Harding wrote:

> 1. John Utz's query about sinc(x) = sin(x)/x:
>        sin(-0.01:.001:.01)./(-0.1:.001:.01)
>    attempts to divide by zero in mid-range. A special definition for x=0
>    is needed, e.g.
>        sin([ -0.01:.001:-.001 pi/2 .001:.001:.01 ]) ...
>         ./([ -0.01:.001:-.001  1   .001:.001:.01 ])
> 2. Can anyone say where a _compiled_ version of OCTAVE-1.0 for Linux
>    on i386 can be obtained by ftp? I haven't enough disk space to compile,
>    but could easily install the binary.
> Ted Harding   address@hidden

        What is the latest version Octave 0.* that compiles using gcc 
2.4.5 OR the libg++ version earlier then 2.5.3?

        As I have spent much bandwith on back and forth with JWE on, I 
can't get libg++-2.5.3 to compile on FreeBSD due to grave unhappiness 
occuring in streambuf,h

        ALSO, what am i missing out on running 0.73 as opposed to 1.0 ?


 John Utz       address@hidden
        idiocy is the impulse function in the convolution of life

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