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Re: Octave on IRIX v4.0.5

From: John Eaton
Subject: Re: Octave on IRIX v4.0.5
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 94 16:06:56 EDT

address@hidden (Lab Manager) wrote:

:       I just built Octave 1.0 on SGI IRIX v4.0.5H.  Everything built
: (fairly) easily with the exception of having to cast calls to signal().
: However, in running the tests, I get the following:
: Test Run By Manager on Sat Apr  2 22:59:30 PST 1994
: Native configuration
:                 === octave tests ===
: Running ./octave.test/fsolve.exp ...
: Running ./octave.test/index.exp ...
: Running ./octave.test/infnan.exp ...
: Running ./octave.test/npsol.exp ...
: FAIL:   npsol-1
: FAIL:   npsol-4
: Running ./octave.test/transpose.exp ...

These failures are normal.  NPSOL is not distributed with Octave
because of license restrictions, but the tests are distributed.  I
will see about disabling the npsol tests if NPSOL is not available.



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