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Can't get octave to find gnuplot

From: John Travis
Subject: Can't get octave to find gnuplot
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 1994 15:36:25 GMT


I have been working on getting octave and gnuplot to do right on our
HP9000 machine and having some problems getting octave to locate gnuplot.
I have both installed under my personal account and so the default directory
structure won't work.  When I try to plot something, I get a message about
a broken pipe.  

Further, I have set up a .octaverc file to get the octave search path to 
look in the right places for mfiles but can't seem to get help -i to work
right.  I have modified INFO_FILE to find the directory where is
located but that hasn't helped.  Help works but the online manual doesn't.

One other question pertaining to gnuplot...Execution is on the HP but
display is on my VGA PC down the local net.  I can't figure how to
"set terminal" so I get a good graph.  Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for your help.

John Travis                                            address@hidden
P.O. Box 4025                                         (601) 925-3217
Clinton, MS  39058                                 (this space available) 

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