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plot does not work [gnuplot is ok].

From: maechler
Subject: plot does not work [gnuplot is ok].
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 1994 16:08:56 +0100

Hello dear Octave Gurus,

I have installed octave "alright",
i.e., I tried a few things and they worked ...,

but plotting does NOT.
I have installed and tested out  gnuplot alright.

Here is a sample session:

ingrid{local}358% octave
Octave, version 1.0.  Copyright (C) 1992, 1993, 1994 John W. Eaton.
This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
For details, type `warranty'.

octave:1> show
warning: plot: unable to open pipe to `gnuplot'
octave:2> quit
        Gnuplot is here :

ingrid{local}359% gnuplot

        G N U P L O T
        unix version 3.5 
        patchlevel, 27 Aug 93
        last modified Fri Aug 27 05:21:33 GMT 1993 

        Copyright(C) 1986 - 1993   Colin Kelley, Thomas Williams

        Send comments and requests for help to address@hidden
        Send bugs, suggestions and mods to address@hidden

Terminal type set to 'x11'

gnuplot> show
         valid show options:  'action_table', 'all', 'angles', 'arrow', 
        'autoscale', 'border', 'boxwidth', 'clip', 'contour', 'data', 
        'dgrid3d', 'dummy', 'format', 'function', 'grid', 'hidden', 'key', 
        'label', 'logscale', 'mapping',  'offsets', 'output', 'plot', 
        'parametric', 'polar', 'rrange', 'samples', 'isosamples', 'view', 
        'size', 'terminal', 'tics', 'ticslevel', 'time', 'title', 'trange', 
        'urange', 'vrange', 'variables', 'version', 
        'xlabel', 'xrange', '{no}xtics', 'xmtics', 'xdtics', '{no}xzeroaxis',
        'ylabel', 'yrange', '{no}ytics', 'ymtics', 'ydtics', '{no}yzeroaxis',
        'zero', '{no}zeroaxis', 'zlabel', 'zrange', '{no}ztics',
        'zmtics', 'zdtics'

gnuplot> quit

Can anyone help me, please ?
 [including a CC: e-mail to me, I am not (yet) on the mailing list..]

Thank you very much in advance !

Martin Maechler <address@hidden>                                <><
Seminar fuer Statistik, SOL F5 \\ ETH (Federal Inst. Technology)
8092 Zurich  SWITZERLAND
phone: x-41-1-632-3408
fax  : x-41-1-252-3410

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