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Bug#998903: src:libidn: fails to migrate to testing for too long

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: Bug#998903: src:libidn: fails to migrate to testing for too long
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2021 12:40:34 +0100
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Paul Gevers <> writes:

> The problem is that arch:all cruft is not automatically cleaned up, but
> in this case, the dropped binary also had a reverse dependency (just
> filed a bug about that), so I don't know if the cruft binary should just
> be removed (with the new source package that added the binary that
> depends on it).

Hi Paul!  Thanks for identifying the issue and helping here.

The removed libidn11-java package did not have a reverse dependency when
libidn was uploaded to unstable (2021-08-22) or migrated to testing
(2021-09-03).  The package libxmpp-java that depends on libidn11-java
was uploaded on 2021-10-14.

It would have been better if was fixed
before the libxmpp-java package was uploaded, that created a new reverse
dependency that didn't exist before.

James, what do you think?  Is the libidn11-java package important for
you to have in Debian?  My perception was that nobody really used it,
and IDNA2003/StringPrep is old technology so it feels strange that new
code is coming around using.  While I am also upstream of this Java
code, I'm not familiar with how Java stuff is packaged/used in Debian,
and maybe there is another way of doing things that is just as easy for

I could re-add the libidn11-java package if it really is needed, but I
was hoping to get rid of old code that showed signs of very little use

What do you think?


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