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Bug#998903: src:libidn: fails to migrate to testing for too long

From: Paul Gevers
Subject: Bug#998903: src:libidn: fails to migrate to testing for too long
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2021 19:46:45 +0100
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Source: libidn
Version: 1.38-3
Severity: serious
Control: close -1 1.38-4
Tags: sid bookworm
Usertags: out-of-sync
Control: block -1 by 998901

Dear maintainer(s),

The Release Team considers packages that are out-of-sync between testing
and unstable for more than 60 days as having a Release Critical bug in
testing [1]. Your package src:libidn has been trying to migrate for 62
days [2]. Hence, I am filing this bug.

The problem is that arch:all cruft is not automatically cleaned up, but
in this case, the dropped binary also had a reverse dependency (just
filed a bug about that), so I don't know if the cruft binary should just
be removed (with the new source package that added the binary that
depends on it).

If a package is out of sync between unstable and testing for a longer
period, this usually means that bugs in the package in testing cannot be
fixed via unstable. Additionally, blocked packages can have impact on
other packages, which makes preparing for the release more difficult.
Finally, it often exposes issues with the package and/or
its (reverse-)dependencies. We expect maintainers to fix issues that
hamper the migration of their package in a timely manner.

This bug will trigger auto-removal when appropriate. As with all new
bugs, there will be at least 30 days before the package is auto-removed.

I have immediately closed this bug with the version in unstable, so if
that version or a later version migrates, this bug will no longer affect
testing. I have also tagged this bug to only affect sid and bookworm, so
it doesn't affect (old-)stable.

If you believe your package is unable to migrate to testing due to
issues beyond your control, don't hesitate to contact the Release Team.



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