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Hurd iso's - where are they?

From: James Joseph
Subject: Hurd iso's - where are they?
Date: 10 Aug 2003 19:15:00 -0000


I have been using Hurd (H4 iso's with the upgrade suggested by
Marcus Brinkmann )  I have been trying to get updated CD images,
and have been trying to get a link for about 2 weeks now.

The links given in are acting very strangely. I had started the K4 download (CD 1) and few hours later, (from i see the hurd dir along with all the iso's have disappeared off the server. The iitm link doesn't really work most of the time (i have tried it before many time for various reasons).
The link was also not working.

Now-a-days, the only contents i seen inside the hurd dir in the above servers and the primary site ( is the README file! I wish
to know if this is a problem just experienced by me. Also, the
Hurd-K4 folder had disappeared totally from these servers.

Please verify that i am not the only one with the above problems.
I haven't been receiving any posts on help-hurd for the last 2
days.  Please verify whether this is accurate.

Also, please tell me if it is possible for me to get the Hurd-K4 (or
at least K3 CD iso's, and which link i should try.)

Sorry for the trouble.


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