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Re: Improving Hurd

From: Jan Atle Ramsli
Subject: Re: Improving Hurd
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 17:05:23 +0200

Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> Hi,
> most things have ben said in this thread, just a couple of remarks that I
> feel are missing.

Could I just be allowed to make one remark, and then 
I'll crawl back into my hole :-)

I think Marcus din't find something wrong with my 'tone' or that I have
been 'patronizing' because he is in same situation as me.

We do our very, very best to 'sound good', we try as hard as we can to
explain _exactly_ what we mean.

In Marcus' natural language, Interupt processing is called
"Abbruchshandtierung" or something, I won't even mention what it is
called in mine.

Sometimes, we say that we mean a 'wheel', but we mean 'those round ones'
- we do not want to be 'patronizing' we try as hard as we can to be as
exact as possible.

It is _impossible_ for us to express our thoughts and sound good at the
same time all the time.

I noticed that no-one outside of the English speaking community had any
remarks about my 'tone' and I most certainly didn't intend for any
'tone' to be present.

I bear no grudge for this, either, please!

Of course I try to 'sound good' - we all do.
But content takes precedence over form.

I will now crawl back into hole and curl up.


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