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Re: yet more newbie questions

From: Kenneth Stailey
Subject: Re: yet more newbie questions
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 05:51:14 -0800 (PST)

--- Atle <> wrote:
> Richard wrote:
> >
> >   Good.  I think there are two independent factors explaining your
> > following report:
> > 
> > > I did get a large number of
> > >
> > > hd0: read_intr: status=0x59 { DriveReady SeekComplete DataRequest Error }
> > > hd0: read_intr: status=0x10 { SectorIdNotFound }, LBAsect=95049239,
> sector=28
> > >
> > > This pair of messages repeats a few times and then
> > >
> > > ide0: reset: success
> > 
> >   Note: GNUmach uses Linux's device drivers.  I've gotten errors like
> > this before with Linux, and in each case the drive eventually gives
> > out.  Don't trust me on this one, though: do you get these errors
> > under Linux?

> I have even gotten them (semantically equivalent) under FreeBSD!
> Now, my idea about this are based on two vague memories from MC'ing
> around the /share, /doc, HOWTO and so on:
> It seems there are two different Linux modules for IDE disks, one uses
> an 'old and safe' and the other a 'new,improved,but-doesn't-always-work'
> approach, and if you get errors that say 'read_intr: status=0xsth {
> DriveRead Seek diddeli-doo-doo ... use the old one.
> Now, I even have a theory :-)
> I think it may have to do with PIO vs. [U,W]DMA modes and (maybe)
> interupt latencies.
> I think FreeBSD is very clear about what is does:
> ... timeout, trying to reset ...
> ... timeout, trying again ...
> ... no go, trying to _fallback_to_PIO_mode
> ... success!

Something like this may be happening.  I wonder if the LBAsect numbers in the
error messages are from sectors larger than the disk or partition supports.  It
is a 10GB HD but only 1GB of root fs for The Hurd of course.

Error messages only occur when GNU Mach is booting.

I did upgrade The Hurd to the one in the Debian pool this morning using dpkg on
files that were copied into /gnu/home on the Linux side.  The SiS 630EC
(embedded controller(?)) version of the SiS 900 ethernet does not seem
supported by GNU Mach.  Is this right?  What would be the best way to add
support--port the driver to GNU Mach or switch to OSKit and use the Linux

> This is to take with two pinches of salt, but I am quite sure there is
> something to it.
> Atle

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