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Grub (Was: Re: (no subject))

From: Benedikt Wildenhain
Subject: Grub (Was: Re: (no subject))
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 15:44:14 +0100
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On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 12:18:30PM +0100, Schmidt Péter wrote:
> But what is what between the latest versions?:
> grub-0.91.tar.gz
This is the source archive of gnu grub.

> grub-0.91-i386-pc.tar.gz
This contains the compiled files of grub.

> grub-0.91-i386-pc.ext2fs
This is an ext2 - image. If you want to use it copy it with dd to a
floppy (or use cdrecord if you haven't a floppy drive, but a cd writer)
and boot from it.

Btw. You should use a subject next time you send a mail.

Benedikt Wildenhain
May the tux be with you.

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