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Re: How I installed the Hurd on VMware.

From: Gordon Matzigkeit
Subject: Re: How I installed the Hurd on VMware.
Date: 28 Sep 2000 09:52:59 -0600
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>>>>> Eric Hanchrow writes:

 EH> * grub-boot-0.5.95.image appears to have less-than-useful
 EH> defaults in the file menu.lst -- "timeout" is set to 0, which
 EH> means you don't get to see the boot menu

This was caused by the changing semantics of `timeout' (0 used to mean
wait forever, now it means no delay).  This will be fixed in the next

 EH> Note that I believe the command line given on the Web page is
 EH> wrong -- it says

 EH>    tar --same-owner -zxvpf /path/to/tarball /gnu

 EH> and I believe that the final "/gnu" argument has no effect.

You're mostly right.  The only effect it has is to extract only the
files from the tarball that are in the `/gnu' directory.  This won't
extract anything from the latest tarball, because it extracts into
`.', not `gnu' (which is a good thing).

BEWARE: If you extract the latest tarball without first cding into a
fresh directory, it'll overwrite your `lib/' (among other
things), which is very bad when you're in the root directory.

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